The advertising market during the Jacques Séguéla and Jean-Paul Goude years was giving a voice to inanimate objects and feeding our imagination.
I was immersed in this flood of invention and freedom.
To stage "iconic" objects I was using a theatrical subterfuge. The composition was arranged according to a dialogue I created between the different elements on stage. Thus my " still life" images were "alive", or so they said. A zest of light - a few thousand joules - and it was in the box. I recorded their conversation in a way every element fitted in the right position. Imagine the hubbub when it was a case of green beans all lined up to illustrate a pack...

Splinters of glass in a closet
Of course, my first digital experiments took place in my studio and very quickly I was exploring the vibratory nature of some things in my immediate environment. Old glasses lined up in a display case were quite a challenge. A playground of infinite reflections, colored refractions and transparencies offered so many spaces I could rush into.

Tiger's Eye

The man on the threshold

Morning has broken...

Afternoon  Lounge





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