Mozaïk Folie

Urban hypnosis in 9 parts : fascinating graphics of this "High-Tech" architecture.    
Anxiety about this magnetic power.
Mathematics, the stripes alternate between shadow and light.
Rainbow echoes bring a little peace, here too it is inhabited.
Winter dawns or sunsets,
oblique lights cut through the glass façades
with metallic sounds.
Endless verticals, a labyrinth of infinite icy straight lines,
the surfaces hypnotise the horizon and speak
of the madness of men,
so beautiful, so vibrant.
Enclosed, a few small houses resist.

Reflets de Paris

To the west of Paris, La Défense, the largest business district in Europe,

4th largest in the world, is constantly changing.

If your eyes are wide-open, you can see

the Arc de Triomphe on fire and the Avenue Charles de Gaulle,

the palpitations of intense activity in the heart of the chic districts,

villages of Mont Valérien.

Without these few clues, this urban landscape, this "Business District”

looks like all the others.

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