Childhood projections. Any wall, any surface, any material, caressed by the faintest light, was for me a gigantic game with unlimited multi-dimensions, during the never ending hours of the siesta. It is this multi dimensionality that the computer lets me bring to light. My photographic images probe the depth of the visible, the being, the mineral or the vegetable, to discover worlds of emotion and meanings at the doors to the kingdom of the invisible: mirrors of my imagination guided by the memory of our collective imaginary. Consistent and accurate because I record these with my camera!
Moonlight Sands

Light through metallliic blinders- abstract graphics

Sandpaper for eyes

abstract view of a curtain


Sea wave

Darling Wave


Stairs 4


entangled mosquito nets over the river


In the Secret of  my Heart

The Call

Silhouette on a river rock



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