Where am I ?
I break away from my frame, my knowledge, my education
and immerse myself in the effervescence of life.
No straight line, but a fine twisting and swirling mesh fabric

Who am I ?
Deep down inside

my carnal shell turns into a simple silhouette

hanging over sensory traces

as a farewell

dazzled on my departures

faithful watcher on my returns

Princess ?
In the fluid frame of the origins

my girl’s nimbus

in weightlessness begins to bloom

within the threads of the water

vibrate my princess brilliants

Magnetic ring
between earth and sky I toggle
and join in the moon's dance

My Patronus

searing intensity

I spring  out of the infinite

Into the depth of my heart

I am joy

I am love

and in limbo of time I dance

and the light smiles at me in my peaceful heart

and in vaporous skies I fly

and angels brush past me with their silky wings

Poisson dans l'eau
and in clear waters I swim

and I slide along, free, both swallow and fish

Sea breeze
the wind caresses my skin
no more swirls

I merge into the world’s ocean

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