snow in Paris-La  Défense. Trees and  Bois  de Boulogne in the foreground  leads to pastel colored skyscraperrs in the background. A pastel cityscape.
Pastel Ocean
At dawn, the Louis Vuitton Foundation for Contemporary Art,
as a huge, powerful, foamy wave, rises over the Bois de Boulogne
defying the hysterical verticals of the background in an ocean of pastel colors.
Shall I witness tonight, this madness defeated and the finance Gods surrender?

Breath of Land

Japanese Vibes

Starry  Snow


Ice Boulevard

Nature's signature

Shivering duos



In The Wanderer's shadow

Out of the blue

Witty games


Lift to Heaven

The yellow car

Freezing gaze

Straight to the point!


Visible transparency

Tennis match

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