I feel dizzy, I get lost, I grab the vault
92 faces of which 12 are pentagons and the other 80 are equilateral triangles. Also 150 edges and 60 summit.
2 distinct shapes, mirror images of each other.
I extract myself from this geometry which is beyond me. Fascinating graphics of this  moving architecture fringed
by a floor to ceiling winding road . A story is told, a story of abandonment and encounter,
Dodecahedron of mirrors, officers' gallery of Fort Saint-Jean in Marseille

Calm & Tension : Dodecahedron 3

An intense presence behind this triangular balance formed by the gleaming edges of the polyhedron. Subtle crossings between the revealed and the hidden, real and unreal, peace and tension. Multiple space where a window stays shut on its mysteries whereas flashes of the past invite me to walk down the depth of a secret staircase.
Officers' gallery of Fort Saint-Jean in Marseille

  Time's breeze : Dodecahedron 2

What is this dizzy spell, trapped between past and present - in-between times -, three steps away from the MUCEM In this gallery I can hear your steps and laughters and maybe mine too… The air shivers of your presence. I am sucked up by this strange shape which seems to irradiate from within . It moves forward,  threatening both to burst the arches out of a narrow shell and to merge the spaces infinitely.

Officers' gallery of Fort Saint-Jean in Marseille

Rabelais building's heart
In this hall, they began to sing in chorus.
Positive energy building:
The school awaits its candidates.

INSAS theatre section Brussells Belgium

A la Bonne heure!

Rue de l'Athénée just after the terrorist attacks
" La Vie est Belle" seems an unbearable promise

Brussells Belgium

What good deal!

Total sale clearance of the beauty of life. Is it such a good bargain ?

Brussells Belgium

"Rabelais" building, left wing

Behind these windows, sheltered by black curtains, beautiful talents arise.

INSAS theatre section Brussells Belgium

Is the Door green or navy blue?

The end of a beauttiful Spring day in the valley of Eure


Where is Elsa?

 The bell has rung.

Anything is possible.

School is over and starting.
INSAS theatre section Brussells Belgium 

Monde riant

When printing the control test, I found a card from my friend Pompon in the morning mail, illustrating "composition n°6" by Pietr Mondrian.

Apple of Love

I am thrilled my lovely mirror when you catch the colours of an early summer in Vaucluse!
I have just returned from Arles with my photographic conscience in full swing and
 I achieve this old photographer's dream of the mirrored mirroring mirror mirrored but not seeing myself.
However, I am there in the dark focused on infinite.

Vaucluse France

Inner rain

INSAS theatre section Brussells Belgium

Muse on stage

INSAS theatre section Brussells Belgium


Can we wipe it all out?

INSAS theatre section Brussells Belgium

Chocolate Eclair

Sweet treats in every shop window

Honfleur Normandy France

Golden path

Flagrant infringement of various In-Between events

Honfleur Normandy France

The Analysis

- Do you believe it will be necessary to enter the winter's cold?
- Light in the open air will make you grow, my child.
- It's dark and old in here. It is not right for you.

Intensive Care Unit

It's his bedroom window. I'm driving. I'm driving away. I may be leaving him forever. A swirling wind descends the mountain, accelerated by the junction of the buildings. The two parked cars seem to be sealed off, possible shelters or getaways. Souls here are no longer in suspense, they are frantic, lost, uprooted
Castellucio Corsica France

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